On youtube, you can watch this short film, with Rose Hilton reading the poem written by WS Graham in memory of his great and difficult friend, Roger Hilton.

It is moving to hear Rose read, her word steady, in a quiet firmness, as if Graham’s words were her own, and Graham’s feelings for his friend her feelings for her husband. “We had terrible times together,” echo through the poem in searing honesty – terrible times for both friend and wife. But both love him, too, and bore those terrible times, as Graham’s Letters reveal.

It is moving, in the film, to see Hilton’s gravestone, and to watch him pour a glass of whisky, the glass surrounded by paint pots.

The film-maker sets some music, instantly reognisablle to me, and about which I wrote some years ago on this blog.

Enjoy the film, enjoy the poetry, and enjoy the music.

I loved him.

David Quick

Feb 2014